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Shaolin Hung-Gar 

& Tai-Chi Institute​

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             All you need to know about Hung-Gar Kyun:              Dang Fong Branch 

             Jerry Battle (Sifu) Ng Ying Kyun             (Five Animal Fist 五形拳)

The roots of Hung Kyun Stem From the legendary Southern Fukien Siulam (Shaolin) Monastery. Hung Hei Guen, the founder of Hung Kyun was an apprentice of the Southern Siulam Temple. Hung Hei Guen and was trained by the last known abbot of the Fukien Siulam Temple, Ji Shin Sim Si. Hung Hei Guen went on to continue his training with Luk Ah Choi, another disciple of Abbot Ji Shin Sim Si. Hung Hei Guen went on to combined tiger techniques with crane techniques obtained from his wife Fong Wing Cheun, an accomplished crane stylist.

Wong Fei Hung's gym, Bou Ji Lam (The Art of Siulam Hung Gar Kyun) was next passed down through three generations of the Wong family, Wong Taai > Wong Ke Ying > Wong Fei Hung. Wong Kei Ying and Wong Fei Hung were members of the "Ten Tigers of Gwong Dung" (Gwong Dung Sap Fu), The top ten fighters in southern China during the 19th century. The most famous member of the Wong family, Wong Fei Hung, also studied under other Siulam temple masters (Gok Yan > "Tit Kiu" Saam > Lam Fuk Sing). The first picture below is the only known picture of the real Wong Fei Hung followed by Lam Sai Wing then Ling Wan Gaai.

Southern Fukien Siulam (Shaolin) Monastery​

       John Saybo (Sifu) Gau Ji Lin Waan Kyun        洪家九子連環拳 (Nine Sons Continues Fist)

Wong Fei Hung

                       Lam Sai Wing                        Nicknamed the Butcher 

                 Ling Wan Gaai                  Nicknamed Steel Claw


Dang Fong (1877-1955)

Sai Guan Lo Fu

The Tiger of West Guan   西關老虎 

Dang Fong Hung-Gar Kyun Curriculum:

Gung Ji Kyun 工字拳 (Hard Shape Fist)

Boc/Fook Fu Kyun 伏虎拳 (Taming the Tiger Fist)

Fu Hok Seung Yin Kuyn 虎鶴雙形拳 (Tiger Crane Double Shape Fist)

Ng Ying Kyun (Five Animal Fist 五形拳)

Tit Sin Kyun 鐵線拳 (Iron Wire Fist)

Gau Ji Lin Waan Kyun 洪家九子連環拳 (Nine Sons Continues Fist)

Lau Sing Kyun Contributed by Ho Lap Tin

Louis G. Diaz 7 years old at the time presenting Ho Lap Tin Double Daggers 

Dang Fang Hung-Gar Kyun Weapon Sets

Hung Jeh Pang Monkey Staff

Siu Lum Dan Do 少林單刀 Siu Lum Single Sword

Joh Sau Moi Fa Churn 左手梅花槍 Left-Hand-Plum-Flower Spear

Gum Gong Gim Golden Hard Sword

Moi Fa Til 九擐刀 Plum Flower Long Handle Broadsword

Lung Fu Chal Tau Farmer Hoe

Siu lum Lung Fu San 少林龍虎傘 Shaolin Dragon Tiger Umbrella

Tit Yip Sin 鐵葉扇 Iron Leaf Fan

Yiu Ga Dai Pah Yiu Family Big Fork

Kiu Dang 橋椅 Bridge Chair (Bench)

Sam Jeet Kwun Three Intercepting Staffs

Gee Mo Seung Do 子母雙 Mother Son Double Sword

Suen Bun Gwai Suen Bun Cane

Ng Long Baht Gwa Kwun 五哥八卦極 Fifth Brother Eight Diagram Staff

Ching Lung Yim Yuet Do Green Dragon Looking at the Moon Sword

Yuet Nga Chan 月齒鏟 Moon Tooth Shovel (Monks Spade)

Siu Lum Dan Do 少林單刀 2nd Siu Lum Single Sword

Boc Fu Dan Been Taming Tiger Single Whip

Poon Lung Seung Been Twirling Dragon Double Whip

Dan Do Been Sword Single Whip

              Master Diaz Ali El with his               Sifu Gerald Battle (Jei lei)

Master Diaz Ali El with his Grand Master Cheung Shu Pui

Grand Master Cheung Shu Pui top left of his Sifu Ho Lap Tin

  Please see Below for Hung Family Fist lineage.

Disciples of Master Louis Diaz Ali El

                            Jarred Reiss (Sifu)                 William Sims (Sifu)               Jonathan Arico (Sifu)                                                  Yasir Ahmad (Sifu)                Edward Toth (Sifu)              Timothy Taylor (Disciple)                 Roscoe Kelly (Disciple)

Modern & Historic Photos